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Envision why your business was created. Envision the ultimate reason your business continues to survive. Now, envision one small idea, strategy, concept or action that can make your business thrive.

Envision Works is a full-service marketing firm. We function with proven business ethics. Our passion is to become a strategic business partner who will share your vision, help lead your transformation, and accomplish your defined goals. We constantly evolve and continue our education, as each industry rapidly changes into the digital world. Our most successful clients are open to new ideas and are committed to change.

Services How can we help you?

Because our clients are fast-paced and continually evolving organizations, we offer deep expertise across a vast array of marketing, branding, PR, advertising, social media, website development and SEO disciplines. This allows us to support our clients with a wide range of traditional and digital marketing services as they continue to grow and expand. As a full-service marketing firm, Envision Works can provide ongoing strategic marketing and business consulting, as well as hands-on support to help your organization build its brand, generate awareness, establish customer loyalty, and meet revenue objectives. We leverage quantifiable marketing processes and proven best practices to deliver measurable results.

Our twenty years of experience demonstrates our success. Partner with Envision Works to work with a full service, "roll your sleeves up", marketing firm. You won't be disappointed!

Philosophy get into mind of your customer You don't need to be a psychologist to successfully market a product, but you do need to understand the mindset of your next customer during the decision-making or purchasing process. There are emotional and rational factors involved as shown in the purchasing cycle flow chart below. Envision Works' practices are based on this purchasing cycle. We take time to understand the mindset of your next customer. We provide solutions for each phase that will allow you to outperform your competition. The bottom line is sales and profit for your company.
  • 1. Brand awareness: Hello. Are you out there? Can you be found?
    Consumers don't typically shop for brands first. They shop for solutions. Our society has access to mountains of information via the Internet. If your brand or business is not in front of the consumer (or your next potential customer), how can they even consider you as an option?
  • 2. Brand preference: Benefits, Solutions and USPs…oh my!
    What makes you better or different than your competition now that the consumer recognizes that you provide a "solution" to their problem or need? It is best to define your unique sales proposition at this point.
  • 3. Purchase intent: How does your purchasing process work?
    A final decision considered by the consumer, is whether the benefit or solution you offer is worth the cost. Offering payment options or time-sensitive promotions, can help finalize the sale. It's time for the consumer – your next customer, to take the plunge, commit to buying, and make your company profitable.
  • 4. Purchase: Congratulations. You have a new sale!
    Your new customer had a choice and they chose you. Live up to their expectations. Make them happy.
  • 5. Customer Retention: Keep them coming back.
    Keep building the customer relationship after the sales transaction is completed. Do you have your internal marketing established or customer communication systems in place? These are critical elements to your success!
  • 6. Customer Advocate: Will they tell a friend?
    Positive customer experiences lead to great reviews and word-of-mouth advertising. Referrals are the best source for new customers. Make each and every new and existing customer an advocate for your brand/business!
Our Work Where bright ideas emerge.
Technical Product Sheet Development

Multi-national data networking corporation partnered with Envision Works to develop informational graphics and product sheets.

Envision Works created and printed several of these product sheets. Additionally, EW incorporated branding standards and guidelines, while staying on budget and meeting all deadlines for this organization.

Social Media Marketing and Brand Management

Multi-chain restaurant hired Envision Works to enhance brand image and social media presence for future franchising and continued growth.

Envision Works established a social media presence for the chain, created appealing graphics and photography, and developed promotions to increase walk in traffic and additional sales.

Graphic Design, Spanish Translation and Production Assistance

A state agency retained Envision Works for graphic design, Spanish translation, and production assistance for their scratch-off ticket program.

Envision Works was awarded a three-year contract with this agency based on the quality, error free work, and turnaround time provided.

Print and Digital Ad Campaign Development

International aviation manufacture retained Envision Works to enhance their brand image and increase their industry presence.

Envision Works updated this company's brand image and created new branding standards. The new brand image was incorporated into various international print and digital ad campaigns and tradeshow efforts that led prospects to their newly developed website.

Food Photography, Packaging Design and Printing

A national restaurant consulted with Envision Works to package and sell their legendary Texas cuisine through specialty retail stores.

Envision Works performed competitive research, created packaging designs for their most popular food line – tamales, and guided them through the packaging process for retail sales.

Website Development, SEO and Remarketing

An international organization retained Envision Works for rebranding, communication development and online positioning.

Envision Works helped established a new brand and online social media presence, updated and optimized their website, and continues to offer online brand management and remarketing services.

Promotional Marketing Design and Communications

A national brand hires Envision Works to create supporting material for a regional promotion in the Great Lakes State of Michigan.

Envision Works created quality graphics and sales materials to help promote and increase the company's defined territory sales.

Non-profit Community Program Branding, Marketing, and Volunteer Recruitment

A Texas State Agency retained Envision Works to develop a volunteer recruiting campaign and an extensive educational communication program.

Envision Works conducted a volunteer survey, designed a campaign for print, outdoor, radio, and the web to educate and entice community involvement.

Digital and Print Catalog Development

A leading clear air product manufacturer selected Envision Works to enhance their established product line for better appeal in today's modern world.

Envision Works enhanced and developed the online and print catalog for this organization's continued market success.

Community Event Branding, Advertising and Public Relations

One of the largest attended public events in Texas engaged Envision Works for event marketing.

Envision Works created a new campaign theme and website for this organization, and performed PR/media management services immediately after the 911 attack that maintained community enthusiasm, involvement, and security.

Internal Corporate Core Values Campaign

A national leading corporation selected Envision Works to create, produce and distribute their internal core values campaign.

Envision Works created professional, eye-grabbing graphics that encouraged employees of this company to focus on and apply the defined core values.

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